24.8.2016 Milestone: Beer number 1300.

Black de la Mexico

Cerveceria Artesanal Aguamala: Black De La Mexico


21.8.2016 Milestone: Countries I have enjoyed the beers: 47 and it was with beer number 1275.


Beers from Mexico



1.6.2016 Milestone beer number 1200.

White Ipa Sessio

Käsityöläispanimo Pyynikki: White Ipa Sessio


21.2.2016 Milestone beer number 1100.

Flying Brewery Drydecker Lager

Flying Brewery: Drydecker Lager


23.5.2015 Milestone beer number 1000.

Celt Experience Celt Iron Age Unfiltered Ale

Celt Experience: Celt Iron Age Unfiltered Ale


2015 May:

Search is now automatic. When you type minimum 3 letters, it will show corresponding search results.

Added Statics page with some basic number info.

Added Category listing on the right sidebar.

Added Beers as List page.

Added History page.

Removed the Search box from header.

Added navigation to the posts.


2015 April: 983 beers.

The website get a new look and all the beers have been checked. So there is all four category’s in all beers, all the photos have links to actual photo on the site and some extra pages were added.
The database did get little mixed during this update so the dates are not exactly correct. There are few beers that are about 1-2 months wrongly placed.
The problem is mainly on 2014 August to 2015 March, My mistake and too much work to correct.
Have to do manually so this is going to be some really boring day / week project, maybe never.
I purchased new domain Kalja.Ninja. Why? Just for fun…



297 new beers, 10 (11) new countries.
England, (Scotland), Ireland, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Norway, Japan, South-Korea, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam.


2014 August – 2015 March:

8 months travelling and collecting more beers to list.
Japan and Korea were the good places for beers.
824 beers on the start and 971 beers at the end. That is 147 different new beers and 6 new countries.
Japan (33 new beers), South Korea (38 new beers), Indonesia (11 new beers), Laos (3 new beers), Vietnam (22 new beers), and Cambodia (11 new beers) where the new countries.
“Old” countries where I had visited before were Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

27.8.2014 Milestone beer number 900.

So in 11 weeks and 200 new beers! That is what we call nice times 🙂

14.7.2014 Milestone beer number 800.


7.6.2014 Milestone beer number 700.


2014 quarter 1:

I build a app for my Android phone using Memento database (Google Play).


The app saves the information to Google drive as a google sheet (Excel file). It also uploads the photo to Google Photos.
First two months went just adding the old beers from old list to google sheet and going through the photos.



Same time I made a new site and it was running on test site, kaljalle.com/Testi.

This site had a map where you could check my traveling by beers. It didn´t update automatically so it was always out of date.

But I finally managed to upload all my 650+ beers automatically to the wordpress as a single posts with categorys.
BIG step for getting this “hobby” back to being fun.


September 1, 2013:

Still the same old site and too many beers waiting to be updated to the list…
I had the beers on the photos only and I was lazy to update, because it was too much work to update the list.
Check the old site here.


21.8.2013 Milestone beer number 600.


12.4.2013 Milestone beer number 500.


October 26, 2011:

Old website design and around 300 beers, bad year 🙂
Check the old site here.

December 26, 2010:

I purchased the Kaljalle.com domain and made website for it. (Really basic with only text list of beers.)


Started to keep records of beers:
Excel file and beer picture with the name of the beer, very basic. Really hard to get any info out from that list.
Around 200 beers at that moment. From the early 1990 to 2009…